Hi, I'm Shiloh!

I am:

  • A starry eyed story teller & collector of authentic moments.
  • An adventurous photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska.

Wandering our world one session at a time, my camera is my compass. My pockets over-spill with kindness & heart pounding wonder. Generous with my spirit, I see potential & possibility in all things and tirelessly seek the authentic.

My passion for photography began in the poppy covered hills of rural Napa Valley, California, where I was born. I find true inspiration in capturing little details, and creating big pictures.

I moved to Alaska when I was 19, and have done most of my “growing up” here. Since then, I have wandered its riverbeds, hiked its tundra and climbed the mountains of 'The Last Frontier'. I have had wildlife encounters & witnessed rugged beauty that set my soul on fire. It is here that I've found my truest of loves and where I raised my gorgeous babies. For nearly 30 years now, Alaska has been my home. After a thoroughly fulfilling career in remote logistics & disaster management, I took the leap and started my own business. Shiloh Powell Images was established in 2016.

It has been said about me that I work for my clients with my whole heart. This is absolutely true. I am a little bit wild, a whole lot of heart and can't wait to adventure with you!

Your story needs to be told.

Let's tell it together, with authentic imagery!


“My family had an absolute blast with Shiloh taking senior and family photos. She really worked with our hectic schedules and took the time prior to our session to ask questions about our family and our interests. She was extremely quick sending us a few photos from our sessions. I will absolutely book another session with Shiloh Powell Images.”

“Shiloh is not only an amazing artist, but she also lights up the room when she walks in! When my mom and I decided to suddenly do my portraits, Shiloh was there and able to do it for us. I enjoyed every minute of photography and am so excited about my photos!”

“We had a great time! Not only does Shiloh take amazing photos, she was considerate when selecting the location for the shoot. Who wouldn't want gorgeous mountains and inlet views?! Thanks Shiloh!”